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G'hog Day 2010
JimmyGroundhog's Groundhog Day 2010 photoset JimmyGroundhog's Groundhog Day 2010 photoset
G'hog Day 2009
JimmyGroundhog's Groundhog Day 2009 photoset JimmyGroundhog's Groundhog Day 2009 photoset

Important Groundhog Contacts

Groundhog Day and Groundhog Birthday Info:
  Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce
  109 E Main Street  Sun Prairie WI 53590
  or call them at 608. 837-4547 or visit their website.

Sun Prairie Historical Society:
  115 E Main St  Sun Prairie WI 53590
  Peter Klein, Curator  Phone: 608.837-2915

Groundhog Pests:
  Call your local USDA-Wildlife/Nuisance number

Talk to Jimmy:
  in his Forum!

Special Thanks to:
Bertha Fisher for sharing her wonderful scrapbook, dating back to 1948. Her husband was one of the founders of the Groundhog Club. She had many photographs and stories to share with me.

Bertha passed away in 2006. I will never forget the time I spent with her, going through her scrapbook and talking to her about the origins of Groundhog Day in Sun Prairie!

Julia Beattie for sharing photos and stories of her special little friend Willie.

Peter Klein for providing me with so much historical background.

Cheri Krisher, Jerry Hahn, and the Sun Prairie Chamber of Commerce for the recent history on our beloved Jimmy the Groundhog.

Škhoeppner, Sun Prairie Wisconsin - January 6, 2007

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